Riccardo Maria Bianchi PhD, Particle Physicist

Installing Oculus Rift software on Windows 10

When I first tried to install the updated Oculus Rift software on my new Windows 10 machine, I got a lot of problems: every time it came to ~70% of the installation, the screen got messy or black and the machine got unresponsive; the only possibility to recover was restarting the machine with the case button.

After having tried a couple of times, I realized that maybe I had not installed the latest NVidia drivers for my NVidia 980 Ti. I checked and, in fact, I was still using the drivers which have been automatically installed when I installed Windows 10, few weeks ago.

So I went to: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx and I downloaded the latest drivers.

after installing them, I have rebooted the machine and I finally succeeded in installing the newest Oculus Rift software!