Riccardo Maria Bianchi PhD, Particle Physicist

Installing Ubuntu in dual-boot mode along with RedHat Enterprise 6 / SLC6

I have a machine running SLC6 (RHEL 6) and I needed to install Ubuntu to make some tests. To install it, I made a bootable USB stick. But then, I found that not all the Ubuntu versions installed correctly. Here below the outcome of the tests I did.

Just tested:

One important note!

Once successfully installed Ubuntu 16.0.4, I had problems in properly restarting the SLC6 operating system installed on the same machine. The OS correctly started, but then the boot stopped after the message

certmonger     [OK]

I found that I could log into the machine from another machine, thus I realized there was a problem in starting the graphical driver/session.

To solve that, I logged into the machine as root, and I re-installed the NVidia drivers for the Nvidia Quadro 600 graphic card installed on that machine. Then, I restarted the machine.

That solved the problem and I could properly start my SLC6 OS again.

What I did to create a bootable USB memory stick for Ubuntu on RedHat 6 (SLC6):


General instructions to create a bootable USB flash drive: